Welcome to the Memory, Action & Perception (MAP) Lab!

Understanding the brain mechanisms by which our mental events are transformed into goal-directed action remains one of the most significant and exciting challenges facing modern neuroscience. This transformation allows us the ability to interact with other individuals and objects in our surrounding environment, travel from point A to point B (walking, running, driving) and, through the hands of the most gifted artists and musicians, the capacity to fascinate and captivate the world. Thus, elucidating the cognitive underpinnings and neural circuits that drive our complex, goal-oriented behaviours is an important endeavour.

Our lab uses a combination of techniques including behavioural measurements, functional brain imaging and neurostimulation to explore the human cognitive and neural bases of a variety of processes (e.g., decision-making, perception, memory and learning) that govern the control of action. The results of our research will have applications in the study of injury and disease states that affect the mind and body.

Most Recent Publications 

The Dorsal 'Action' Pathway

Gallivan, J.P. & Goodale, M.A.

Handbook of Clinical Neurology

Recruitment of foveal retinotopic cortex during haptic exploration of shapes and actions in the dark

Monaco, S., Gallivan, J.P., Figley, T., Singhal, A. & Culham, J.C.

Journal of Neuroscience

Grip force during reaching with target uncertainty provides evidence for motor optimization over averaging

Nashed, J.Y., Diamond, J.S., Gallivan, J.P., Wolpert, D.M. & Flanagan, J.R.

Scientific Reports

Increased functional connectivity after stroke correlates with behavioural scores in a non-human primate model

Hernandez-Castillo, C.R., Nashed, J.Y., Fernandez-Ruiz, J., Wang, J., Gallivan, J.P. & Cook, D.J.

Scientific Reports

Neural representation of geometry and surface properties in object and scene perception

Lowe, M.X., Rasjic, J., Gallivan, J.P., Ferber, S. & Cant, J.S.


de Brouwer, A., Jarvis, T., Gallivan, J.P. & Flanagan, J.R.


Gallivan, J.P., Stewart, B., Baugh, L., Wolpert, D.M. & Flanagan, J.R.

Cell Reports

Gallivan, J.P., Bowman, N., Chapman, C.S., Wolpert, D.M. & Flanagan, J.R.

Journal of Neurophysiology

Recent Lab News

New paper accepted!
Decision-making in sensorimotor control
Gallivan, Chapman, Wolpert & Flanagan
Nature Reviews Neuroscience
posted April 05 2018

New book chapter published!
The dorsal 'action' pathway
Gallivan & Goodale
Handbook of Clinical Neurology
posted March 05 2018

New paper published!
Functional coupling between frontoparietal and occipitotemporal pathways during action and perception
Hutchison & Gallivan
posted February 1 2018

New paper published!
Recruitment of foveal retinotopic cortex during haptic exploration of shapes and actions in the dark
Monaco, Gallivan, Figley, Singhal & Culham
Journal of Neuroscience
posted November 24 2017