Principal Investigator
Jason Gallivan, PhD
Assistant Professor
Centre for Neuroscience Studies
Department of Psychology
Department of Biomedical & Molecular Sciences
Queen's University

Postdoctoral Fellows

Joseph Nashed, PhD
Botterell Hall 230
0jn9 - at -

Graduate Students

Corson Areshenkoff
Botterell Hall 230
areshenk - at -

Dan Gale
Botterell Hall 230
d.gale - at -

Joshua Gambier
Botterell Hall 230
13jg94 - at -

Michael McGarity-Shipley
Botterell Hall 230
12mms13 - at -

Lab Alumni

Former postdoctoral fellows

Dominic Standage, PhD (former postdoc); now a Marie-Curie Fellow at University of Birmingham

Anouk de Brouwer, PhD (former postdoc); now a postdoc at University of British Columbia

Michael Carter, PhD (former postdoc); now Assistant Professor at McMaster University

Former undergraduate thesis students

Claire Honda, BSc

Greg Brooks, BSc

Zoe Frank, BSc

Jameson Rokeby, BSc

Rachel Rumas, BSc

Undergraduate Student Projects
Olivia Scoten

Lab Volunteers

Mohammed Rashid

Jackie Wang

Computer Programmer

Martin York
533-6000 ext. 78244, Abramsky Hall 102, yorkm - at -

Queen's Sensorimotor Group Technologists

Mechanical Technologist

Sean Hickman
533-6000 ext. 78299, Abramsky Hall, B06, hickmans - at -

Computing Systems Technologist

Mike Lewis
533-6000 ext. 74139, Abramsky Hall 106, mike.lewis - at -